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Emergency Vehicle Remounts

At Emergency Services, our professional Emergency Vehicle Team is committed to provide you with solution-based approaches to your EMS needs. We understand that in EMS your ambulances must be ready, safe and reliable in order to serve your community effectively. Our lead technicians are EVT and ASE master certified and have a combined 40 years of experience.  


Remounts save money and provide greater flexibility for our customers.  We want you to have an ambulance that works best for you.  If you have an existing module that you are already pleased with, we can use that module for the remount.  However, we can also supply a module for you that makes it possible for us to create and customize an ambulance with the features that meet your needs.



There are a number of different chassis options available and we will help you decide which chassis works best for you.  Your needs are paramount, so whether you are looking for a Type 1 or Type 3; 4x2 or 4x4; gasoline or diesel engine, we will help you match the right module with the right chassis.


Hardware / Paint

The mechanical system of your ambulance is subjected to a great deal of stress, which is why all the compartment and entry door latches and handles are replaced and NOT reconditioned.  To make sure everything is done right, the old module is completely disassembled before the premier PPG paint products are applied.



The electrical system is the principal component of your ambulance and is essential to its performance.  That is why we completely replace the old electrical system with state of the art componentry.  Each detail, including the customization of the driver’s console, is fabricated in such a way to make your ambulance safe and functional.

RCTronics Board.jpg

Our Commitment to You

Above all else, we want our customers satisfied with the work we do. After a remount, we road test the vehicle and provide a 50-point remount inspection document for your records provided by one of our certified EVTs. Emergency Services backs the work we do with a 12-month warranty on the module remount including all new equipment installed. The chassis warranty will be covered by the chassis manufacturer and extended plans are available. All other components such as lighting and electrical will carry the manufacturer warranty. Emergency Services carries liability insurance of $1,000,000 and property insurance of $1,000,000.

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